# I N S P I R A T I O N A L B L O G

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Very effective in maintaining the health of organs in the body such as kidney, liver and pancreas and protects them from various diseases.

Strengthen the organs like heart and lungs

Promote heart health such as alpha and beta carotenes and lutein.

Keeps the levels of bad cholesterol down, keep blood pressure in control and protect the heart from many diseases.

Researchers say that the Miracle drink is a gift from God for spotless skin. Helpful in keeping away pimples and halts the aging of the skin.

The drink is good for the digestive system. Helps maintain the health of the stomach but also protects it from ulcers.

It also regulates the bowel movements and gives relief in chronic constipation.

One of the best drinks you can supplement your brain with. It sharpens your memory and enhances the brain functioning

The drink has a soothing effect on the eyes too. The drink can eliminate dryness, redness and tiredness of the eye. It also sharpens the vision.

It is good for boosting immune system while protecting the body from various infections and allergies.

It has also got anti-inflammatory benefits.

May also help alleviate hayfever symptoms.

Helpful in detoxification of the liver and purification of blood.

Gives relief for women in the ‘time’ of cramps and pain.

Gives energy with minimum number of calories during weight loss regime.

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"If the Lord Jesus Christ is your master, then He will determine your mission." -Ken Graves

First thing in the morning try slicing a lemon into hot or cold pure water. It’s a natural kick-start to your day, gets your metabolism running nicely, rehydrates you after a night of sleep and helps to cleanse the body. With all this going on - you should feel EPIC! #lemonwater #lemon #water #cleanse #detox #rehydrate #health #healthy #healthydrinking #lifestyle

They say that your personal space like your house, your car or your wardrobe can be an insight into how you approach life. Is your car a complete mess with random leftovers from previous adventures? Is your work desk covered in random papers? Does your wardrobe look like something out of a catalogue?

From experience an ordered personal environment helps me to think clearly and helps me to focus. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing that everything is neat and tidy.

traditioninaction.org says, “…Certain persons have the spirit of order instinctively. Entering a room, they cannot bear to see objects strewn on the ground; they pick them up and place them in their proper place. A cupboard or drawer is open; they close it. They have a sense of proportion and a genius for classification, assisted by a good memory.

An ordered man [or woman] is a precious help in a family. All have recourse to him, because he knows where the letters, the books, the paid bills, the utensils are.

A young man should be accustomed from his earliest years to order and method in life and regularity in work. There should be no clutter and confusion in his pockets, drawers, closets and work desk. Everything should be in its proper place.

Disorder in the government of material things easily generates a disorder or lack of government in ideas. The person who is accustomed to the spirit of order is generally calm, serene, always prompt, finishing his work at the right time; in the opposite sense, the disordered person is ordinarily nervous, agitated, late with his work, and everything badly done.”

I know a lot of this is true for me. What about you?

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The Secret to Better Health: Eat Real Food

The solution to improving your health and losing weight is often as simple as swapping processed foods for real food. Business Insider reported:8”When we replace real, traditional foods like butter, meat and vegetables with crappy, processed junk foods, we get fat and sick. Real food is the key to good health, processed food is not. Period.”

People have thrived on vegetables, meats, eggs, fruits, and other whole foods for centuries, while processed foods were only recently invented. Many of the top executives and scientists at leading processed food companies actually avoid their own foods for a variety of health reasons! By Dr Mercola #health #healthy #lifestyle #realfood #fruit #vegetable #eatright #livewell #drmercola